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Asphalt Rejuvenator

Don’t Replace, Rejuvenate!

Are you a decision-maker considering replacing your present asphalt parking lot, access roads or streets? Consider the cost effective solution: Asphalt Rejuvenation by IWC Sealcoating, Inc.

Costly replacement or repetitive overlays can be eliminated while maintaining a like-new appearance of the asphalt pavement. You’ll have a smooth surface ready to drive on within twenty four hours. A perfect solution for associations and shopping centers, even city streets. Learn more about our recent work for the city of Fayetteville, NC. 

One coat will create a uniform appearance that will enhance curb appeal and with periodic applications extend your pavement life indefinitely.

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Asphalt Rejuvenation at Homeowners Association in Garner NC.

Benefits to Asphalt Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation is a coal-based tar, blended with aromatic oils and solvents to restore chemical properties that have deteriorated since pavement was laid. The coating penetrates the old asphalt’s surface. It restores, seals, and protects tar against water, sunlight, and chemical contaminants.

When applied at the first signs of aging tar, rejuvenation can make asphalt less prone to deteriorating in the future. Proper maintenance reduces viscosity and brittleness while increasing flexibility, which extends the life of your asphalt, saving you money and time.

Asphalt Rejuvenation can:

  • Extend life-cycle
  • Restore asphalt’s original properties
  • Increase durability
  • Decrease brittleness
  • Seal and protect pavement
  • Replace oils lost due to oxidation
  • Dry in 24 hours
Asphalt Rejuvenation at Homeowners Association in Garner NC.

What We Love About Asphalt Rejuvenation - It’s a Great Value!

What we love about the Asphalt Rejuvenator CPR™ is that it can be applied to a variety of pavement surfaces. Whether you have hot-mix asphalt, chip-seal, micro-surfacing or slurry seal - we can rejuvenate your pavement.

IWC Sealcoating exclusively applies the Asphalt Rejuvenator CPR™ Treatment Method by Hydrolabs. Rejuvenator is not a conventional coal tar or asphalt sealer and doesn’t create surface buildup. It is applied to the existing pavement and penetrates to become part of the asphalt matrix.

The Asphalt Rejuvenator CPR™ seals your pavement with a uniform black even-wearing finish. It replaces lost asphalt and maltene compounds that are critical for long service life. You can be assured that oil, gas and chemical spills will have a difficult time penetrating the seal created by the Asphalt Rejuvenator CPR™ product. Your pavement is protected from future damage as long as the seal holds.

We also like the reduced viscosity and the increased flexibility of the pavement after application. The Asphalt Rejuvenator CPR™ product is not water soluble and therefore will not flush from the surface. And it won’t chip, flake, peel or delaminate from the pavement surface.

The end result is a beautiful black seal that restores your pavement to near-new condition based on it’s original viscosity, penetration and ductility values.

Why IWC Asphalt Rejuvenation?

IWC Sealcoating, Inc. solves asphalt problems, period. We’re the only contractor you’ll need to protect your asphalt parking lots, access roads and city streets because we have every solution.

Asphalt Rejuvenation at Homeowners Association in Garner NC.

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