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Line Striping

Your Parking Lot is Your First Impression

Your parking lot gives a strong first impression to all your clients, customers and visitors. The color contrast of a newly striped lot is attractive and is a good indication that you, the property owner, have excellent service and high standards in mind. A well-marked parking lot directs people safely around the parking area. Stop bars, loading-zone markings, crosswalks, and well-marked pickup areas inform pedestrians where they should walk, when traffic has right-of-way, and what areas they should avoid.  

Full-Service Line Striping

We can provide all of your striping and signage services, from your basic parking lot to custom stenciling and signs. Whether it is New Layout or Restriping, IWC uses state of the art equipment and premier products to provide all of our customers with quality end results.

Meet Line Striping ADA Regulations

We line stripe for ADA regulations. Many businesses fall short keeping up with the current laws. We line stripe within the legal guidelines as required by the Americans Disabilities Act (ADA). Regardless of company size, all businesses must now have the proper number of handicapped-accessible parking stalls, and van parking spaces, with a minimum number of parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of utilized facility. Many municipalities require that a newly constructed parking lot (at commercial or residential properties) be striped in accordance with ADA requirements before an operating permit is issued. IWC will make your business compliant with the needed signage and stenciling to meet ADA requirements and site plan specifications. Learn more here