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Crack Filling

Fix Cracks Fast

Asphalt cracks are unsightly and uninviting – but that’s not the only reason they’re a problem. Cracks also threaten the overall strength of your pavement, leading to severe structural issues and expense over the long term.

What Makes Pavement Crack?

Shrinkage is the primary reason most cracks appear in asphalt and concrete surfaces. Time and weather conditions such as rain, wind, sun and ice cause this occurrence. Cracks allow water to penetrate your pavement and seep into the underlying base layers. Stress cracks in the pavement can lead to “alligatoring” (a form of pavement failure) and/or they can create voids that turn into potholes and eventually destroy your asphalt’s foundation.

Crack Filling Extends Surface Life

By crack filling you will significantly reduce moisture into the sub-base extending the life of the surface dramatically. If your surface is beginning to crack, now is the time to act!!!

Our Approach is Simple & Effective

We will clean the cracks as needed to prepare them for filling. Then we install a highly rubberized crack filler to seal the moisture away from the subsurface of the pavement. Cracks won’t disappear but they can be managed with proper maintenance and repair.